Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A photo journey: Mexico? No, Seattle

A few weeks ago, Lisa (No Doy, Professional Leisure Magazine) and I hit the road to see our beloved Nathaniel J. and CindyMindyPindy F. in Seattle. Here is our trip, in picture form. I'm sure you will find it as inspiring as it is long.
(captions correspond to photo beneath them)

The road to Seattle is long and merciless, so music is needed. Here's me trying to figure out why my version of TLC's "No Scrubs" doesn't have T-Boz's rap. (I have since purchased the rap version ["Let me give you something to think about. Inundate your mind with intentions to turn you out."])

The sun was shining on April the 4, so we needed our shades.
And we needed to look rad.

When we finally made it, I wanted to see how I looked with Seattle.
Look how cute and chubby I've become.

Nathaniel is shocked at how that car was able to drive straight through us. I was kind of mad it even tried.

Mullets are not funny. They are pretty.

After a morning of sleeping in, Lisa introduced me to The Dish. We each took time to have a photo shoot there. Photo's take by me.
Lisa's: (the following is the look I get everytime I say something stupid)

(the below inspired today's blog title)


Then, we did close-ups.

After lunch, we drove by the famous Lusty Lady to see their latest genius marquee. I refuse to tell you what the words on the other side were.
Did you ever see that recurring bit on MadTV called "Lowered Expectations"?
This reminded me of it.Doing a drive-by of Jimi Hendrix and the Jr. Donnas

We eventually had to leave. Nathaniel decided to not get dressed up. Cindy did, and she even made us Easter treats, moving her up my personal social ladder.
My favorite thing about Seattle was the electronic 20 Questions game that Cindy had. One time I was thinking of poop and it guessed it.
I like it more than a friend.
Lisa got jealous and pretended to hate 20Q. She later reconciled and bought me my own for here in Utah.
We made sure to take about two hours to leave Seattle. First was a stop at Trader Joe's where I bought dried cranberries and saw some gross lady's crack. Then, we ate at the place Lisa used to go instead of going to seminary: Lil' Johns. I wanted to get more text messages during the drive home than Lisa, so I took the time that we were waiting for our food to send out messages to cool folks that said something like: "I hope your Easter is EGG-cellent." Most people didn't respond until late into the night.
Lisa freaked out while remembering how big Lil' John's pancakes are.
I looked her square in the eye and said (while simultaneously taking another self-portrait), "You can eat it. I believe in you."
You can understand her trepidation.
We finally made it home at 3 a.m., the last few hours were scary because I kept falling asleep. I also missed an exit while we were in Idaho.


Cindy said...

That mullet looks so pretty on you. I should have hung out with you guys more instead of with my friend from high school and a guy who didn't put out. Oh well, Fall '07!

My blog is: cindymindypindy.blogspot.com

Correction: It's Jane's 20 Question thing. I sort of feel the same way about the game that Lisa does.

nathaniel said...

maybe that gross lady should have put some duct tape over her crack. just like that other gross lady put duct tape over her nipples.

becky said...

i really dig the scruffy face and shaggy hair

sugarcube said...

I forgot all about that, Nathaniel. Weird, because I couldn't stop thinking about it the next day.

Here's the scene for those who weren't there:
7 p.m.
Big lady.
Just standing on a fairly busy city road.
No shirt or anything.
Blue duct tape.

Dainon said...

How did Cindy manage NOT to make it into any of the shots? That's the curious thing.

bex said...

also, i am pretty sure that the 20 question thing is rigged, because of course the first thing that EVERYONE thinks of is poop. So it doesnt even have to be a genius to figure it out.

sugarcube said...

Whatever, Bex. I was thinking of ninja last night and it guessed it. I also tried racism, and it almost got it. It isn't rigged, it's magical.

sugarcube said...

Dainon- Cindy made her own bed by rarely being around.

Ninny Beth said...

I love lisa.

sugarcube said...

More than a friend?