Sunday, April 26, 2009

My heart is smitten and withered like grass, so that I forget to eat my bread.

Lisa is great at planning weddings.

Here's some photos from our photographer, Allison Cox.

Here's some propers from somebody. (Gratitudes to Krista for hipping me to this)

My woman is so great at a lot of things. I don't mean to make this sound like a Facebook update, but I love her and like being married to her.

(4/28) UPDATE: Here is some more propers.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Your child is Destiny?

A fellow at worked criticized naming children after values, like Destiny, and it reminded of a story from my mission. Then, over the weekend, bad kid names were once again brought up, and Chasity was mentioned. It was then that I knew that this story needed to be told.

I had just entered a new area and we were teaching this girl who lived in a trailer (as a large portion of the town of Slave Lake did and likely still does). It was the first time I had met her. Her name was Chastity and we were giving her a brief review of what she had been taught the time before, the Law of Chastity. I was young, and was trying to impress my new companion or her or maybe just myself by mentioning things like, “this is your law, Chastity”.

Finally, after like three references, she condescendingly said, “It’s Chasity.”

I didn’t quite get it, and said, “I’m sorry, did I accidentally call you ‘Charity’ or something? Because sometimes I get the two names mixed up.”

I’m so dumb.

“No, my name is ‘Chasity,’” she said.

“Oh, so I got it right?” I said. Dumb.


“” I quickly glanced at my companion, who was just looking at her. “So...I don’t get it,” was all I could think of to respond with.

“It’s Chasity, not Chastity,” she said.

“Um...those both sound the same. Can you spell it?” or I spelled it first -- with a ‘t’ after the ‘s’ and before the ‘i’, of course -- I can’t remember exactly.

Her face joined her voice in irritation. “C-H-A-S-I-T-Y.”

I paused to consider it, and it took me a few seconds to figure it out.
“Oh...Ohhhh...Chassssity.” I really held out the ‘s’ sound. “I apologize,” I said. I followed it up with, “Honest mistake, though, eh?” or some other phrase like that that essentially offered forgiveness to myself.

My companion finally stepped in and said, “Is there a time we can come back?”

She wouldn’t commit to a date, though, and we never saw her again.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Eggstremely eggsellent gift eggschange

Because we are going to be out of town next weekend, and since we both had each others' gifts, Lisa and I decided to celebrate Easter last night after I got home from the Priesthood Sesh.

What's in the suitcase?


The answer:

It's Backgammon. Lisa bought her brother a nice board for Christmas, and he and I spent a few hours a day in Walla Walla over the holidays acquaiting ourselves with this ancient game of strategy. Since then, I have wanted one something fierce. Lisa scoured the antique stores of Salt Lake to find one. I went with her on one such outing, and it is no easy task. Antique stores are messy, unorganized, and weird. In a strange way, I mean all of those descriptions as a compliment, but I also mostly don't. I can't wait to put this thing to use and I'm pretty excited to start using phrases like: inner board, outer board, bar point and bear off.

Finally, and hopefully this works, my film debut. Written, produced, directed, special effects by me. I put this in Lisa's basket: