Friday, March 14, 2008

Quit your job and run away

Me vs. Seattle, part three, starts in about an hour. This time, no girls allowed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My girl is hip-hop

Monday, March 10, 2008

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord

I wrote this on 30 March 2005, back when I blogged exclusively on myspace. Some folks have been saying unfair things about Phil Collins lately, including her. It reminded me of this blog I wrote almost three years ago.

I had what I like to call an "Easy Listening Day" on Monday. On these days I don't feel like listening to any of my albums or sports radio, instead I want to listen to the radio. And not those hip stations all your friends are talking about. Those stations that people that work in offices play. FM 100, Kozy 106.5, 97.9 The Breeze, a little bit of the B98.7. I just feel like some easy listening hits. I recognize on Monday how hard it is to listen to these stations without hearing a Phil Collins song. That dude has a lot of hits out. Some good, some bad. Interesting character. He is a short bald guy with a big head and the face of a child molester and the demeanor of a serial killer. Yet, he cranks out the hits. Oh, and he can't dance. Has anyone seen that movie he was in? He may have been in more than one, but the one I am talking about he was a criminal/family man in Ye Olde Country. It was a bit of a dark film. His wife was begging him to stop his thievery, but he felt some kind of obligation. I don't know exactly, I missed the first part and I didn't quite get it. Then one of his hits played at the end as he got arrested or escaped or something. I watched the end of this with my exgirl about a week after we broke up officially and a day before she went away for the semester a few years back. After the movie ended, we madeout for the last time. [You Know How I Do editor's note: this last part isn't supposed to sound as sad as it does. It was written as kind of a braggadocio moment. I thought about rewriting it to make is sound like I should have, but that wouldn't be fair to my 24 year-old self (and I found it hard to phrase it differently).]
Anyhoo, these "Easy Listening Days" are some of my favorites. So peaceful. You can't force a day like this, though. It has to happen.

That blog reminded me how I always like stuff I write about two years after I wrote it. I was given a missionary journal a few weeks before my mission, and I had about three entries in their that were written before the MTC that are bank.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hurry to Murray. After all, you know this guy.

Blogs these know how they do. Or don't. It seems that just as getting a blog was the bombdotorg a year or so ago, ditching that blog has become the new awesome (not updated since Valentines day, only two posts this year) right now.

But not this blog, no. Don't call it a comeback, not because we've been here for years but because I don't know how great it will become. One blog, though, that has made a comeback is Nathaniel's. Nathaniel is a filthy fellow, of Gentle Tyrants Podcast fame. Which reminds me, if you are looking for a podcast that plays nice music, is funny, talks about Twin Peaks, dagwood sandwiches, movies, hittin' it, and teaches you more about Seattle and features Chris Allman sometimes, then this is the podcast for you. Also, I might be on it in a few weeks. I mean, it has maybe been mentioned in an IM conversation that I might be invited to be on it. It might be a weak podcast that week, but a dream come true for me. For those not good at connecting the dots, yes, I am going to Seattle to dude-out with Nathaniel. The weekend will be a bust if we don't end up at the Lusty Lady.

A blog that isn't so much making a comeback, as it is coming out of the blog closet is my woman Lisa's. Go and see what all my fuss is about. Last May, we decided we needed to answer the question of how long we have been dating, so we selected a date of when we started. We also wanted a day to celebrate every month. We chose March the fifth, which is today. I know I did as much in a text message this morning, but Happy 12 Months, Lisa. You are a total babe all the time.
Oh, and she also has an etsy store. I am a fashion consultant on some of the stuff she makes. It is the stuff that doesn't sell, mostly. Donate to You Know How I Do's treat fund by buying her stuff. The more money she makes, the more cookies I eat.
Oh, part two, send one up to the Lord for Lisa as she is getting plastic surgery this Friday. Not the boob or face-tightening kind (that's not how she do nor how she need to do), but the kind where they take a disgusting (hardly noticable) cyst out from above her right eye.
Lisa's really cool.

Another thing, hopefully my old friend/hair stylist Krista can have a baby soon. I mean, the impregnation has already take place, so has the waiting nine months. It's just the popping out that needs to occur.

One thing that this blog needs to know is that I moved out of my parents house. Last February. If I remember correctly, this was never officially discussed. It was always something I meant to do, but before I knew it, I was back at my folks' home after six months and two houses with two great roommates, one being Jefe, who never updates his blog anymore, but congratulations are in store as he has become engaged.

I digress. So, I finally had the funds to move out again, this time to Murray with Damian (yes, the appendix joke king) and Danny. It's pretty great. It is a bit of a struggle, though, because their jokes are so clearly much better than mine that it puts me to shame. I think I have become the quiet roommate. You know, the one that will snap at any minute, walk out the door in the middle of the night and never come back. Yup. I'll keep you abreast of that.

Again, I digress. Despite my insecurities, the new place has been nice. Me and Damian have taken to watching Band of Brothers at night and Danny and I seem to have a nice conversation every five days or so (he is also celebrating a birthday tomorrow). Oh, and so far the haven't made fun of me for not yet fully unpacking my stuff. Which reminds me, I need to pay rent.

To summarize:
Blogs are back in, haven't you heard?
Lisa: pretty.
Me and Lisa: 12 months of frenching.
Lisa: plastic surgery, not the boob kind.
Jefe, write a blog, quit being so whipped.
Me, Damian, and Danny: roommates4eva.