Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I don't really think you understand what I meant when I said what I said

This is the end of an instant message conversation I had with Lisa (aka me) on Monday night/Tuesday morning. It ended badly.

leland: I thin,
I'm falling aslweep
I better go to bed.
me: yeah, me too
did you read my bwog?
you don't have to if you're tired
it's all stuff you already know
leland: no
I am too tired.
me: ok
leland: I keep falig aspee
me: aspee
leland: good night
me: bye
leland: I know, sorry.
bae wor
bad word
me: what?
leland: goog night.
good night.
me: goodnight
leland: I keep spelingi sutff
me: you are funny
leland: I keep spelling tsuff woring
me: go to bed
I can't to thids right
me: poor tired wittle guy
leland: Good night.
me: bye

(Lisa saved the convo and emailed it to me the next day)

Monday, April 07, 2008

We could do more outdoor things if we weren't so busy getting busy

So, how was my trip to Seattle? Nice, thank you for asking politely. I really wanted to blog about it, and will eventually post at least pictures. See, school's just been really busy lately. And when I am not busy with school, I am getting busy with Lisa.

Anyway, until I post pictures, listen to this here. It tells most of my weekend in Seattle, anyway. (also, feel free to subsribe to that there podcast)