Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Thursday, my America

Thursday was my day off and this is how it went down:
- Woke at 9 a.m.
- Read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius for about two hours.
- Went to breakfast at The Original Pancake House with Roommate Jefe where I had bacon pancakes and a glass of chocolate milk.
- Watched two Robert De Niro movies. 15 Minutes when I got home from breakfast and Bang the Drum Slowly before I went to bed. He dies in both.
- Watched the pilot episode of Weeds.
- Put my season pass to Lagoon to good use with Lisa. Experienced Wicked for the first time.
- Ate at Wingers (yes, with Lisa. She was so starved that she was fine with it).

"Why the blow-by-blow?" you might be inclined to ask. Well, this was a perfect example of a day of Professional Leisure. What is professional leisure? Look here.

Keep looking. It's our new blog.


nathaniel said...

you know, once i went to wingers and i ordered the prime rib. it tasted like prime ass.

-annabelle said...

i was dissapointed by the end of that book.
and i watched the whole season of weeds and like it.

bex said...

You guys are already just referring to yourselves as "we" and "our" with no other reference? this is serious.

sugarcube said...

Nathaniel- You are prime ass.

Abell- Don't put those kinds of doubts in my head.

Bex- We're serious people. Especially in regard to professional leisure.

Jefe said...

Breakfast with you was bliss Leland....BLISS!

Plus my sausages were rolled in pancakes...Insert your own joke.

sugarcube said...

What about bacon pancakes? It sounds like a good idea and it IS a good idea.

marshall p said...

I heart "weeds".

let's marry it!

sugarcube said...

We'd get so stoned.

bets said...

my favorite book.

Jefe said...

WAIT, before anyone goes further with leaving a comment I do have to say this. The breakfast Lee is talking about is also a "staggering work of genius" not the book but the pancakes. This is why, They put bacon in the pancakes. Let me say that one more time.

BACON IN THE PANCAKES! BACON IN THE PANCAKES! I almost fainted it was such a good idea, I haven't been that impressed since I found out I didn't have to pay 25 bucks for a trim.

lisa said...

bacon in pancakes seems like just another lazy american thing to me. like we don't want to take the time/effort to make and eat them seperately, so we just mix them together for convenience purposes. like remember Goober? peanut butter and jelly mixed together in the same jar? gross.

brian said...

i watched a couple episodes of weeds and wasn't really impressed. i mean it's ok, but not as good as extras or even flight of the concords. but it
probably better than entourage (which isn't really that good).

and robert deniro? i don't know about him either. i mean raging bull is great, but i don't know about htat guy, he does so much b.s.

but i love getting stoned.

sugarcube said...

The best episode of Weeds was the pilot. I like it, but I also will admit that I kept waiting for it to get great and in never did.

Entourage is great. I won't even open it up for discussion.

I don't know about Robert DeNiro, either. I certainly don't hate him. 15 Minutes was an okay movie. Bang The Drum Slowly was great, but more because of Michael Moriarty than DeNiro. I do like DeNiro, but it seems like he has been banking on self-parodies of himself for years now.