Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tag-team championship

Girlfriends make-out and tag with you. This leaves me with an obligation to respond to her tag. (so she'll keep making out with me)

Jobs I've held...
1. Bagger/stocker/checker at Dan's Foods.
2. Receiving dock at ZCMI. This one dude we called Portly Steve was the assistant magager and he always had it out for us. Luckily, we knew which direction the cameras were pointing and we hung out where the Man couldn't see us. I have never played so much solitaire or ordered so much pizza.
3. Delivery driver for a concrete supply company. One of my bosses thought I didn't like the people I delivered to because I was Mormon and couldn't talk to them. Wrong. I didn't like them because their jokes about p___y weren't funny.
4. golf shoe salesman. It's pretty cool.

Movies I can watch over and over...
1. N
2. o
3. n
4. e
5. maybe

My Guilty Pleasures...
1. Reality TV
2. Internet message boards
3. Scratching my nuts
4. Chinese buffets

TV Shows I enjoy...
1. 24
2. Acceptable TV
3. Simpsons
4. Entourage

Places I have been on vacation...
1. Seattle, Washington (again in two weeks)
2. Washington DC/Baltimore/Detroit/Chicago/St. Louis
3. Island Park
4. South California

Favorite foods...
1. Pizza
2. doughnuts
3. stuff without onions
4. chinese buffet food

Awards I have won
1. Trophies for just playing
2. My competition soccer team won first place and we got a huge trophy for it.
3. A Christmas picture contest that got painted on the window of Jack in the Box back in second grade. They pretty much told me it is because they already had enough pictures of Rudolph painted on the windows. My picture was of Jesus (not really, it was Santa Claus).

Hobbies I enjoy...
1. watching tv
2. discussing sports
3. writing
4. swearing

Secretly, I wish I could....
1. Host a late-night talk show
2. drop 30 lbs
3. win a lottery or some s__t
4. be on Big Brother

A random thing about me...
I just barely started reading books again. In the last two years, I have read, "The Bad Guys Won", "The Outsiders", "Catcher in the Rye", and I am working on another.

Now it's my duty to "tag" people. I will have to tag the four people who actually read my blog. I hereby tag the following people:

1. Nathaniel
2. Jackie
3. Jefe
4. Sarah Jane in the City


becky said...

i also want to be on Big Brother. I suddenly became a fun this summer. it's because of On Demand. Who cares what caused it though? now i want to live it.

becky said...

that was supposed to say "fan". but i think i'm pretty fun too.

Jefe said...

Crap! That's one more thing I have to do. When school is done I'm going to be looking for you to occupy roommate number 2 spot.

lisa said...

#3 on his "guilty pleasures" list is totally true.

Carmen said...

HEy! I read your blog! But, thanks for not tagging me, if you had I wouldn't have time to write this comment. Righteous.

sugarcube said...

I considered tagging you, but I remembered - or thought I remembered - you already getting tagged.

Thanks for the comeback.

Lisa- How many times did you catch me this weekend? Not as many as usual, I'll guarantee that. Maybe you just got sick of pointing it out.