Friday, October 19, 2007

365 / 77 = 4.74

Additionally (or should I say, 'divisionally'), 77 / 365 = 0.21

What does all this mean? That it is this blog's birthday, duh. We here - together, all of us, as one, a community brought together by knowing how we do - is one-year old today.

Take a moment to ponder where this blog has taken you. Remember how I talked about Lance Armstrong in the first few posts and was dedicated to mentioning his name in every blog? (It didn't last more than a week, but still....)
What about the time I dressed like a girl? Do you recall when I was so bored I posted pictures of boring? Another time, I went to Seattle, and a week or two later took you there with me. And don't forget the zombie talk (which will probably be added to in the next month).

Where were you before this blog? I have no doubts that it has improved your quality of life. It got me a girlfriend*. It probably got you better mental health, a more physically fit body, or even eliminated temptations and habits you couldn't break otherwise. Maybe that through me getting a girlfriend, it got you a girlfriend (hint: Jefe).

So, let's take this next week to wish You Know How I Do a happy birthday with many more to come. I can think of no better way to do so than by sharing some of your favorite moments in the year of the blog. It would do the same for you.

To explain the math:
I averaged a post every 4.5-5 days.
I averaged one-fith of a post per day.

Here are some pictures, for no reason in particular.


*= it should be clarified that I didn't meet her through this blog, but I am pretty sure it is what impressed her most about me. She was always like, "You have such an attractive blog," and I was like, "Thanks." I would also be remiss if I didn't give her credit for most of the pictures posted.


nathaniel said...

this blog never stops getting me laid.

thanks you know how i do.

Viva La Jefe said...

The following is what I got from and during this blogs existence
1-New guy best friend (refering to author)
2-Helped me cut out cancerous friendships and relationships (names withheld).
3-Helped me get new female friend (authors girlfriend).
4-New girlfriend (through author's girlfriend.)
5-Picked up a new sport (golf).
6-Rid myself of a bad habit only to regain it (swearing).

In essence, this blog is a milestone in the life of Jefe.

Viva La Jefe said...

I also met Nathanial and Rob, the gentle tyrants. Their podcast has changed my life (especially episode 2 in which our heroes have a tale of a molesting, drug inducing college professor in the backwoods of Washington...

juder said...

as for me.....well thanks for nothin'

but even my own blog has given me nothing

nothing stinks

Cindy said...

Thank you for pointing out to me that your blog made me more physically phit. I was thinking it was my newfound will power, but now I know that I owe the loss of 15lbs to You know how I do.

sugarcube said...

Nathaniel- You're welcome.

Jefe- You're welcome.

Juder- We'll try harder this year. Don't be surprised if it is the best year of your life. Like I said, don't be surprised if this is the best year of your life.

Cindy- You're welcome.

More memories, people. I thought about one yesterday: the You Know How I Do wrote about the stuff written on the bathroom wall. Now THAT was a good blog.

Also, I think my woman is silent because she blames this blog for the mess she is in (as my girlfriend). You Know How I Do is sorry, Lisa.

lisa said...

cindy---what's interesting is that i owe my GAIN of 15lbs. to You Know How I Do. Otherwise though, I have greatly benefitted from this blog.

lee--i have been silent until now because of one thing: credit. where's my credit for setting up brooke and jefe? you know how much gettting credit for things means to me.

Lee said...

Duh, I gave the credit pretty obviously.