Monday, March 10, 2008

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord

I wrote this on 30 March 2005, back when I blogged exclusively on myspace. Some folks have been saying unfair things about Phil Collins lately, including her. It reminded me of this blog I wrote almost three years ago.

I had what I like to call an "Easy Listening Day" on Monday. On these days I don't feel like listening to any of my albums or sports radio, instead I want to listen to the radio. And not those hip stations all your friends are talking about. Those stations that people that work in offices play. FM 100, Kozy 106.5, 97.9 The Breeze, a little bit of the B98.7. I just feel like some easy listening hits. I recognize on Monday how hard it is to listen to these stations without hearing a Phil Collins song. That dude has a lot of hits out. Some good, some bad. Interesting character. He is a short bald guy with a big head and the face of a child molester and the demeanor of a serial killer. Yet, he cranks out the hits. Oh, and he can't dance. Has anyone seen that movie he was in? He may have been in more than one, but the one I am talking about he was a criminal/family man in Ye Olde Country. It was a bit of a dark film. His wife was begging him to stop his thievery, but he felt some kind of obligation. I don't know exactly, I missed the first part and I didn't quite get it. Then one of his hits played at the end as he got arrested or escaped or something. I watched the end of this with my exgirl about a week after we broke up officially and a day before she went away for the semester a few years back. After the movie ended, we madeout for the last time. [You Know How I Do editor's note: this last part isn't supposed to sound as sad as it does. It was written as kind of a braggadocio moment. I thought about rewriting it to make is sound like I should have, but that wouldn't be fair to my 24 year-old self (and I found it hard to phrase it differently).]
Anyhoo, these "Easy Listening Days" are some of my favorites. So peaceful. You can't force a day like this, though. It has to happen.

That blog reminded me how I always like stuff I write about two years after I wrote it. I was given a missionary journal a few weeks before my mission, and I had about three entries in their that were written before the MTC that are bank.


Danny said...

I love easy listening.

Ems said...

there is an awesome Phil Collins conversation on this episode of This American Life:

Lee said...

I also love power ballads on a Sunday morning.
If you know what I mean.

Lee said...

I love when she asks Phil Collins if she thinks her ex will come back.

jaime said...

by power ballads do you mean "music and the spoken word"?

me too.

Sherpa said...

Tracy:You know what, I'm gonna make you a mix tape. You like Phil Collins?
Jack: I've got two ears and a heart don't I?

(30 Rock)

That's really all I have to contribute to this conversation. Words that aren't even my own.

nessa said...

I have previously been stalking your blog. But I have given myself away by telling lisa good luck on her surgery because I read about it on your blog.
anyways, I too felt that *some people* have been a little harsh on phil collins recently. I liked your words about him, they were very heartfelt.

Lee said...

Nessa- Stalk on.

Jaime - No.

Sherpa - It's cool. I plagiarize my life.

k8 said...

i can't even tell you how much Phil Collins I have been listening to lately.

Lee said...

I can't even tell you how long it has been since you commented on my blog.