Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I don't really think you understand what I meant when I said what I said

This is the end of an instant message conversation I had with Lisa (aka me) on Monday night/Tuesday morning. It ended badly.

leland: I thin,
I'm falling aslweep
I better go to bed.
me: yeah, me too
did you read my bwog?
you don't have to if you're tired
it's all stuff you already know
leland: no
I am too tired.
me: ok
leland: I keep falig aspee
me: aspee
leland: good night
me: bye
leland: I know, sorry.
bae wor
bad word
me: what?
leland: goog night.
good night.
me: goodnight
leland: I keep spelingi sutff
me: you are funny
leland: I keep spelling tsuff woring
me: go to bed
I can't to thids right
me: poor tired wittle guy
leland: Good night.
me: bye

(Lisa saved the convo and emailed it to me the next day)


Laurie said...

Hmm... I'm guessing you're a pretty fun drunk. I'd pay to see that.

Lee said...

When I am half-asleep, I am supposedly better than a drunk. I don't remember half the stuff I say.

I do remember this, though. I was pushing send and then I would read my words and be really mad, but when I tried again, it didn't work.

lisa said...

Oh man. Don't even get me started about Lee when he's half-asleep. He's done some of the weirdest, funniest stuff. He's a combination between a drunk man and a small child. It's the best.

becky said...
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becky said...

"ten inch knife..."

natali said...

sorry i keep touching your armpit

becky said...

i had a similarly incoherent IM chat the other night, thanks to ambien.

you need to blog!