Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chuck Klosterman, Fargo Rock City

'I honestly believe Cinderella was one of the bands who were underrated by almost everyone, except possibly fourteen-year-old girls. Maybe I don't give mall chicks enough credit; maybe it's time to admit that fourteen-year-old girls are the only people in America who truly understand what coolness is supposed to look like.'


lisa said...

This is exactly why I love Chuck Klosterman.

Jeffrey said...

I disagree with Chuck on this point. Now, Cinderella DID have a songwriting style that could have been considered a step ahead of the cock rock that flooded the air waves of the 80's. But let's face it, if we're following Chuck's logic, you have to give Warrant a nod of the head, after all, even though they did have Cherry Pie, they also wrote a song that told the story of a murder story involving a police sheriff inthe deep south.

I'm just saying.

Lee said...

Jefe, that you?

Read Fargo Rock City. Klosterman wrote it just for you (and maybe for you only).