Sunday, January 25, 2009

7. People Under The Stairs - Fun DMC (tie)

Initially, I didn't plan to put this in the top 10, but through about five listens since I made the list, I have decided that is even more deserving than some of the albums already on the list.

While 2008 was a weak year in music overall, it was a terrific year for hip-hop (as the rest of the list will show).

Southern California hip-hop does something to me that no other music does: it makes me wish I was in the geographic area where the album takes place. Need proof? Listen to People Under The Stairs' 'Fun DMC'.

My friend who gave me this album called it a, "perfect car or party soundtrack". I can also see it being the soundtrack of summer 2009, so long as the car windows are down and BBQs are being thrown. The comment sections of their songs usually contain the word 'chill' and on a lot of the songs, it is completely appropriate. But the album is also aware of the state of hip-hop, calling out MCs who rap about the drugs the done did or sold and decrying rappers for taking themselves too seriously. If you like hip-hop or like to bob, you should try this on for size.

'Fun DMC' is solid throughout, but the best stretch of the album are tracks 12, 13 and 14 ('Critical Condition', 'The Wiz' and 'People Riddum'), but don't take my word for it......