Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's make friends with the cool kids just this once, she says

My weekend, in review:
Friday was great, but it was like standing on the edge of a steep cliff -- the rest of the weekend was going to be a huge drop. When I got home from work on Friday, Lisa gave me my last birthday present, Say Hi (To Your Mom)'s latest album, 'Oohs & Aahs'. I meant to get this when it came out on March 2, but it wasn't in stock at Graywhale the two times I stopped there, and I never made my way over to Slowtrain to see if they had it. I've only stopped into Slowtrain once, so I shouldn't give the impression that I'm a frequent there. I'm on my first listen right now, so it is too early to judge the album, but I'll post some songs or something.

When my woman and I got home from a walk around Liberty, I thought my legs had seen their action for the weekend. Within 30 minutes, though, I was proven wrong, and my legs once again proved their worth. Lisa, I, Bryton and Chris walked to Desert Edge to eat food. I got a burger when I should have gotten nachos. The burger was nice, but not as good as the nachos.

Afterwards, Lisa ditched us, so we met up with Scotty at Century 16 for a viewing of Star Trek. After watching the G.I. Joe trailer, the lights turned in the theater turned on and a fellow who had an essence of being in charge asked for our attention, as if we really had a choice. He said that the projecter bulb was on the fritz, but that it would be ready to roll in 10 minutes. Less than 10 minutes later, the G.I. Joe preview started up again. I'm disappointed in what I am seeing. It looks like they made a crappy science/action movie with people who had the same name as characters in G.I. Joe.

After the preview, the lights one again went on, and they same authoritative fellow came out, and once again asked, politely, for our attention. It isn't the bulb, he told us, the problem is deeper than that. The 9:30 showing of Star Trek would not happen, but we could stick around for the 10:30 showing, which we did, and were treated to a third viewing of the G.I. Joe trailer. Luckily, Scotty bought us all drinks with caffiene to help us stay awake until 1 a.m. The movie was downright enjoyable.

The weekend was all downhill from there. I spent Saturday preparing a talk for sacrament meeting, with running some errands in between. Lisa and I both were assigned to speak. I was also supposed to prepare a lesson for Elder's Quorum, but my talk was about marriage and I didn't have enough experience to say much, therefore I stayed up all night on Saturday night trying to write my talk. I finished about 30 minutes before our talks were due. Saturday did have a bright spot, though. Jefelicious and Brookelicious were up from their beloved Utah County and wanted to eat a dinner together. We chose Ruth's Diner, and I selected to eat some kind of burger that was awesome.

Lisa's talk on forgiveness was great, mine was okay. Lisa's wasn't just great because she passed out last time she was supposed to give a talk in church and swore she never would again, but because it had excellent content and a smooth delivery. I was so proud. I prepared my lesson during Sunday School, and it ended up going pretty great. We read two stories from the book, and the rest of the time we discussed. When class ended, I was so happy that the worst day of church of my life was over.

Last night, we watched Election. In the last three weeks have been filled with great movie-watching for me. In order of when I watched them, I have viewed the House Bunny, Empire Records (which I had seen before, but I liked it more than ever this time), Gone Baby Gone, Adventureland, Star Trek and Election. I thought about putting them in order of how much I enjoyed them, but there were too many close battles. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Adventureland would have been ranked number one, though. I'm trying to let some time pass before I make any bold declarations about this movie, but it is so awesome to me. Gone Baby Gone would have been number two. Question: is there anybody as good as Casey Affleck these days? Does anybody even come close? What he does in Gone Baby Gone and The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford have to be two of the best performances of the decade.

(I just remembered that I also watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I didn't really like it. The part with the Wave Speech was pretty cool, though)

Anyway, here's the best scene from Election. After how awesome this girl, Jessica Campbell, was in this and in Freaks and Geeks, it surprises me that she only has had six roles in her life, and none since 2002. Apparently, she is studying anthropology in California, but that doesn't seem like something a person would choose to do.

Also, since I stayed up all night on Saturday, Lisa thinks she can tell me when to go to bed. Last night, she drugged me. I'm being real.


marshall p said...

you're right, she should be in more stuff. I really liked her as my boyfriend's girlfriend in freaks and geeks. and that's saying a lot, 'cause usually I want to maim my boyfriend's girlfriends. (I changed "kill" to "maim". I didn't want to come off as "too crazy".)

Lee said...

Don't you mean, your boyfriend's girlfriend with a boy situation goin' on?

lisa said...

Sometimes you need to be drugged.

James B. said...

Lisa, stop letting Lee watch rated R movies, or at least edit them. (Edit means cover his eyes during the naughty parts).

Lee, thanks for introducing me to the Sloan Hands blog, best blog ever.

Lee said...

James- You're welcome, nosey.

Amy and Brad said...

Good job on your talks! Wish I could have been there!