Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Marshall's vagina monologue

Marshall said,
2. I had thanks-for-giving-us-your-country-natives dinner at
Suzanne's family's house. It was fun.
3. sometimes I don't get people. I
will tell you why. we went to see a movie on thanks-for-giving and we picked up
these boys and one boy came with us and the other was going to come, but
apparantly didn't because I called him a pussy and I guess he can't handle being
called a pussy.
4. Dear [sugarcube], I'm sorry that I called you a pussy.
Obviously I wouldn't have called you a pussy if I had known you were such a
pussy. Grow some balls, you big pussy. love, marshall p.

Dear Marsha,
I thought this was funny. The more I think about it, the more funny I think it is because I have never even met you.
I should clarify, though, that I was never going to go to the movie. I was just coming to say "hello" to Suzanne. So, your salty language had no impact on me. That probably pisses you off.
I'm glad our first semi-meeting had such an impact on you that you wrote a blog. Don't worry, I don't hate people just because they are unpleasant at first. I hope we can be friends, maybe more.

p.s. - I'm glad you liked Bond


marshall p said...

dear shug,
you are dumb. suzanne is the one who told me you were coming with us. I didn't just imagine it or anything. also we have met before and we have written on the internet. I'm glad meeting me made such a small impression on you. I probably wouldn't have called you a pussy except I keep thinking that you are like Dave D. and you will get the joke. it is always sad to me when I think boys are like Dave D. and then they aren't.

Yes, I did write about that on my blog... I wanted to see how long it would take you to see it.

hey but at least now you have a comment on your blog! aren't you so happy? it is your total dream come true!


sugarcube said...

Suzanne was wrong.

I got the joke, and I kind of liked it. I told everyone I was giving thanks with that I just got called a pussy by someone I don't even know. I doubt I will ever be as cool as Dave D. is, and I apologize for that. I'm too much of a pussy.

Thanks for posting a comment. We should write on the Internet more.

marshall p said...

We could talk on the internet,only if it ends up with us making out. although, that really does call my sexuality into question... if I am considering making out with a pussy...

are people reading your blog yet? is this helping? I hope so. sometimes people like to read about pussies. the downside is that usually those people are dirty old men with filthy filthy minds. they really don't add to the overall TONE of one's blog, but at least they make the numbers go up.


sugarcube said...

If numbers matter to me, I wouldn't be such a pussy. As it is, I am quite the puss. I don't want to be a ladies man, I want to cuddle and talk. You know, find true love and crap.

See? I resemble a huge vagina.

sugarcube said...

(note: I mentioned numbers mattering because the number of people visiting and reading my blog was brought. I only want people who will love and be inspired by my words to read my blog. Not people who are just using it to kill time. Love me or leave me.)

Anonymous said...

oh man, how is this going to end? it's so uncomfortable!

marshall p said...

shug, this is funny. I guess. cuddling is ok. as long as it ends with doin' it.

em, I'm sorry all this makes you uncomfortable. I do try.

Anonymous said...

this conversation could sterilize any man. it probably makes pussies for fertile, though.

Anonymous said...

*"for" should be "more"