Thursday, November 02, 2006

Scurvy is overrated

The real Halloween Day.
I decided that there was no better place to go that to the UC. I showed up and had to wait while certain people took forever to get ready. No pictures came from my waiting because I didn't want to ever re-live the experience. I was the Unabomber, so I was practically ready.

(Note: a kid in my class just said this a girl in my class (about Halloween): "Every girl was a pirate. Or a 'naughty' something.)

We had a plan, but before we left the house we took pictures. I forgot my sunglasses, so I improvised.

Then we went to see Monkey Grinder at Velour. Only we had to wait outside for like 30 minutes before they let us in. This made nobody more mad than it made Melissa. Luckily, we butted to the front of the line, enabling us to get chairs to sit in when they finally did let us in. While waiting for the opening band to play, we took some more pictures. Like this one:

And this one:

Hulk Hogan just laughed when I asked if he wanted a picture of just us.

As luck would have it, the Future Girls were there too. I didn't get a picture with them, but this is what they looked like on Saturday.

After Monkey Grinder played, rocked, and scared (there was this part at the very end where they had about seven people on stage with accordians; it was incredible), Becky wanted to go to Arby's. If there is one thing I learned this Halloween, it is that you do whatever someone dressed like Marilyn Monroe says (even if you are pissed that she hasn't called you "Mr. President" at all). So, we went to Arby's. As we were ordering in the drive-thru, the Arby's worker was being kind of dumb. We thought he might be a douchebag. It turns out, he was just an All-American slacker who cares about his job as much of the rest of us. He told us he would give us candy if we could guess what he was dressed up as. He was wearing the usual Arby's employee garb, so we knew there had to be an underlying concept to his costume. We guessed a lot of guesses. One of my guesses was a curly fry. Becky guessed "a lazy Arby's employee," and it turns out she was right. He gave us a bowl to pass around the car. I took a SweeTart Chew. After I took it out of its wrapper, I realized how gross some candy looks. When I ate it, I realized how delicious some candy tastes.

We went back to Becky's house and watched TV. This mindfreak dude cheated our eyes out of truth, and I hate him for it. We also watched Laguna Beach, or whatever that show is called. When I got home, I predicted that I would either dream about Marylin Monroe or breaking a Laguna Beach girl's heart. I ended up dreaming about my mechanic, Butch.

It was a good Halloween season. Even thought it is my least favorite holiday*, I felt a huge comedown yesterday. It was like the day after Christmas, only not half as bad. Want to know the best costume of the year? Okay:

*= Note to the government: if you gave us the day off, it would no longer be my least favorite holiday. Why do you think I like President's Day? Duh.

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Anonymous said...

this is my favorite post yet. and not even because i'm mentioned in it. what makes this post the winner? the arby's experience. that was phenominal. that and the bj at sonic? i'm seeing a fast food pattern here...