Friday, December 22, 2006

I just blew your mind, didn't I?

I've been golfing with Greg Ostertag.
I've sold golf shoes to Scott Wolff more than once. In fact, at a time last fall, he knew me by my first name.
Back in '95, I was one of the last people to leave Sea World and I saw David Hasselhoff wearing a all purple suit and pushing a stroller.

But until today, I had never been star-struck. Today, I met Dave Allen. At around 4 p.m., I saw someone at the golf store who looked a lot like Jeff Rosso from Freaks and Geeks. Then, I looked closer and realized he looked exactly like Jeff Rosso. I went up and asked if he needed any help and the familar voice of McKinley High School's guidance couselor. I lost my breath for a second. For about twenty seconds, I debated talking to him about it. I couldn't resist it, and went up to him and out of my mouth came, "Are you an Actor?" He said he was. I said, "You were in Freaks and Geeks." His face brightened up and he held out his hand and said, "I'm Dave."

We talked about the show for about five minutes. I wish I could have said more profound things to him, but I was excited to meet him. I told him that me and a few kids had just spent the last week watching every episode, and he replied, "That's the only way to do it!" He also said that the roles were so well written that he didn't even need to bring something extra to the part of Jeff Rosso (though he did say that he had a teacher exactly like his Jeff Rosso).

He called being part of Freaks and Geeks the 'highlight of his career' and said, "What was great about that show is I was right in the middle of the freaks and geeks group, and I'm guessing you were too."

As he was leaving, he introduced me to his dad by saying, "This is Lee, my new fan."
You know how I do.


SJ said...

mind: officially blown

Some people just seem to run into celebrities. I'm not one to crush,stalk,or really care what they do in their off time, and have never run into one (not even when I was in LA) but that is really cool that you got to meet Dave Allen, up close, in person, and have a conversation with him and meet his dad!

lisa. said...

as we discussed, if i were to meet anyone from the cast of f&g, i would want if to be jeff rosso. and for someone who was star struck, it sounds like you did a good job making conversation. i am truly jealous.

k tron said...

OMG! i think he was in my store too, and i had no one to confirm my suspicions... and i was too busy to talk to him.

Anonymous said...

I haven't ever seen F&G. I'm sort of slow (my family reiterated this to me at Christmas dinner, oh how I love the pain of Christmas.) I did make the wedding invites for the son of Johnny Miller. That's the closest I've come to fame.

sugarcube said...

Kristin- you probably did see him. I wish you would have talked to him, because then we could start the Dave Allen Fan Club (for people who've met him)

sugarcube said...

Cindy- watch Freaks and Geeks.

lisa. said...

oh, so you have to have actually MET him in order to be in the fan club? it's not enough to own the entire series, and invite people like you (lee) over to watch it until the early morning hours? and then quote it endlessly for weeks afterward? that's not enough? well i guess i can't be in the fan club then.

nathaniel said...

hey lee, i don't think lisa wants to be in your fan club.

Manfoom said...

this show really is great. I own my own copy so I don't need social gatherings to watch it, but I do need people.

I am at least a little bummed that I didn't get together with ye folks to watch Frksn'gks.

You should have ended your conversation with an awkward hug (the best kind).