Thursday, December 07, 2006

This year more than ever.....

The paper is done. I stayed up way too late finishing it and it shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but it turned out pretty good. This has been the most stressed I have been about school in a long time - maybe in forever. It was strange to actually care about an assignment. I reckon that is how it is when one finally starts working on their (undeclared) major.

Because the paper had been occupying my thoughts, I haven't yet thrown myself into the Christmas season. As soon as I printed it out, I started to feel Christmas. I am excited to pull out my Christmas music and make a mix to give to a woman who gave me a Christmas mix last week. This is my first iPod Christmas, and I am excited to be able to load all my Christmas music on my iPod and not have to carry eight CDs in my car all month.

Before all that happens, though, I am going to go home and take a nap.

Do you want some Christmas music? Nathaniel Tyrant and Gentle Rob will supply your needs.

Remember the zombie survival tips? Here's an example.


Manfoom said...

Congrats on getting your paper done.

I think we should create a LARPing universe where we play people surviving a zombie attack and everyone in the world can play the role of "zombie"

sugarcube said...

Thanks, man.

That sounds like a great plan. I just need to know what LARPing is. Please inform me.

Manfoom said...

L.ive A.ction R.ole P.laying, it's like LIVING in a game of D&D.

Anonymous said...

You guys seem like perfect candidates for LARPing.

sugarcube said...

Oh. In other words, we should create the coolest place on earth?