Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I owe it all to the movies. I was thinking just you and me.

One Thursday at the end of May, Lisa and I both had the day off and nothing planned. We would go to breakfast, as was our wont on shared dayoffs, but our plan to go to Bear Lake was ended by weather that wasn't warm enough for laying on a beach. So, we decided to spend the entire day (after breakfast, mind you) at the movies. We saw three with hardly a break in between. First was Shooter (surprise movie of the year). Next was Waitress. Lastly, was Fay Grimm, which was totally strange. I swear the movie completely changed itself three times. Surprisingly, the time when by quick. Before we knew it, the third movie was over. It turned out to be a great way to spend a day of leisure.

The year of our Lord 2007 turned out to be a pretty good year to spend in a movie theater, and not just in Utah. Both times I went to Seattle this year, I saw great movies in cool old theaters (Grindhouse in April and King of Kong at the end of August) with Nathaniel, who no longer blogs.

I've been compiling a list of the best movies I saw this year for about a month now. I'm hoping to trim it down to ten and then rate them in order. I want to share the candidates with you so that you can either a) add to it, or b) make a case for one of the movies to make the top 10. I don't know if your input carries any weight, but whatever, you know?

Here's the list:

King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters
Live Free or Die Hard
Rocket Science
American Gangster
Into the Wild
The Simpsons Movie
Oceans 13
Eagle vs. Shark
The Darjeeling Limited
Hot Fuzz
Knocked Up
Bourne Ultimatum

As of now, 3:10 To Yuma is not on the list, because I have only seen about 30 minutes of it. From what I saw, though, it would be in consideration for the list.


Cindy said...

What about The Host? That was a pretty amazingly awesome movie.

B. said...


nathaniel said...

remember when we saw grindhouse? i don't even remember the movie, but ho-boy do i remember how much fun we had!

lisa said...

nathaniel, you're just saying that to make me regret not going with you guys. i don't appreciate it.

my vote is for Eagle Vs. Shark.

Lee said...

I didn't see The Host and I don't know what T.I.E. means. I feel like such a square.

Lisa thinks that I just like seeing movies with her, since all but one of these movies was seen with her.

Lee said...

Oh, and Nathaniel, I remember.

Cindy said...

I'm going to buy The Host and then I'm going to invite you and Lisa over to watch it. Maybe Bryton can be my date and we can hold hands under a blanket or something. I don't know what T.I.E. is either.

Lee said...

Go ahead, Cindy, make my day.

lisa said...

mine too!

B. said...

I'll watch some Host.

In King of Kong, Billy is asking the film-makers to guess what three letter initials he uses when entering his high scores. While he's urging them to guess he's really obviously grabbing his tie.

"Go ahead," [tugs on tie] "guess."

You really have to see that part in the movie though.

Lee said...

Oh, duh. NOW I remember. I do wish my memory was like a steel trap like yours is, B-nus.