Monday, December 03, 2007

My gosh, your lips look delicious

Okay, I was only kidding about this blog thinking you are an ingrate. It holds no ill-will. It understands that you know of its big head, and that it keeps asking you to inflate the aforementioned big head with even more air. This ego is out of control.

Okay, I will stop refering to me as this blog and become a human again. I will also make a loose promise to not start another paragraph in this edition of this blog written by me with the word, "okay".

Did you notice how I said "no" to vember? What fortitude I can have sometimes. Truth be told, I wrote that, decided that I hated blogs, while at the same time cursing you when you did not update yours, stopped hating blogs (all a long, I knew it was a phase, anyway), had school work, decided to not blog until December 1 in order to exhibit my saying "no" moxie, and now here I am.

Unfortunately, I don't know if I will blog for another week or so. This week is the week where school becomes a dominatrix and I have leathers on my person. (Dear Lisa: Hey, what up? Don't worry, this is only a metaphor or a simile or something, okay? I still like you and you non-violent love)

School has dealt me the following cards:
1) A 4-6 page essay for my horror movie class. Seeing how until Saturday, I thought this essay was due a week from tomorrow and not tomorrow, I had to come up with the quickest topic available, and that is comparing and contrasting the move and short story of "Pit and the Pendulum" by Edgar Allen Poe. I read the story yesterday, and it was money, because it isn't anything like the movie. I am going to use the WHOWHATWHEREWHENWHYHOW of what is different as the format of my essay. I hope it is long enough. By the way, the actual story of "Pit and Pendulum" was pretty good. I think Poe liked throwing curve balls. At one time, he wrote about waking up from a potential drugging and that the presence of a light allowed him to finally see what the dungeon he was in looked like, and he described it in detail, and then he says something like, "It was hard for me to see all of this because I am strapped down to a board and lying on my back." Good one, EA Poe. Good one.
2) A radio journalism story that has to be four-minutes 30-seconds long. Think NPRish. Think hours of editing after the compiling is done. Think due on Thursday.
3) A final test for sports writing today. It shouldn't be too tough,
4) A second final in sports writing, this one challenging our 'deadline writing' skills. We don't know the topic until we show up, and we have to write 600 words before the two-hour class is over. I don't know if this will be hard or not, but I could see it going badly.
5) A final test a week from tomorrow in my horror film class. I have realized today that, while I paid the utmost attention in class, I still don't get the subtle nuances of film, like symbolism and crap. It just isn't how I'm wired. Last time I took a final for film (I've used up some of my upper division credits in the film department), I wrote my short essay on the Goldie Hawn movie, "Overboad" because I had seen it a few days earlier. I fear I won't be so lucky this time. "Overboard" isn't a horror movie, if you ask the right people.

So, that is me this week. My mom gave me some Christmas socks last night, but I don't feel right wearing them until my Christmas spirit is around, which is when school is over.



Jackie said...

oh wow- glad i was done with school 3 years ago...

Jackie said...

ps. your lady friend is cute

Lee said...

You know how she do.

Lee said...

You should meet her sometime.