Sunday, July 27, 2008

I played softball this year

The Beekeepers season ended the way it didn't start: with a loss. We lost to the only team we had defeated and the only team that had a worse record than us. Still, though, it was a lot of fun. I was the king of getting on base due to bad fielding by our opponents. My highlights of the season were catching a ball with my bare hand that had missed my glove and making a mad dash for second after a shortstops throw to firstbase was offline. The low point of the season was missing an easy infield fly and realizing that any natural athleticism that I had has disappeared.

Beekeepers: 1-13.


lisa said...

In the defense of the Beekeepers, that last game was great. You guys had some nice plays, and in the second-to-last inning, I thought you were going to catch up. You didn't, but still. Great game.

Amy and Brad said...

Congrats on a successful season! (had fun = success...right?)

Lee said...

Thanks. I have a hard time referring to us as successful, though.