Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Your attention please I've got something to share

So feast your eyes upon my brand new hair
If your eyes can adjust
To the neon glare and my look of disgust

What are you seeking validation for
At the character assassination store
Their shelves are full but nothing's cheap

So pick your ego up of the floor
And inch or two but nothing more
It's a crutch you want not what you got
You're falling all over the looks you bought

The best are brought down by degrees
The rest are curiosities
Attention please! is all they understand

Drawing a crowd for some meager pay
Drawing a bead down on the weakly pray
Got to throw in your hat
Win, lose or draw you're a diplomat

You pull the act out on demand
And always have the upper hand
Be prepared for reprimand
Attention's all they understand

The best are brought down by degrees
Or killed by curiosities
Attention please! is all they understand"

I did get a new haircut, that part isn't bull. I also got a new camera, a Cannon Elph. I need to learn how to charge the battery, though. Maybe I should write a whole blog about buying it. I have started cooking on a George Forman Grill (the Next Grilleration, they call it [or maybe just George calls it that]. which reminds me, my friend Judy wrote this funny bit about her Grill: "I named my George Foreman grill - George. He is just a little guy, but packs a punch.").

Since I last wrote, I have been to Oregon. I know, I know, I need to post pictures. I'm getting to it....right after I get to posting pictures of searching ghost towns (or, rather, half-ghost half-pre-ghost towns) on my birthday. I have also been to Lagoon thrice. Once with Bryton, once with Nathaniel, once with Damian and Danny (roommates!), and thrice with Lisa. This weekend, I and my woman are taking a much needed restcation to Mesquite/St. George/The Vegas. Maybe my Elph will take some pictures.

But, whatever. This blog has become too much about pictures. That whole trip to Seattle thing took too long to load all those pictures on my computer, then took too long to upload on here, and now makes this blog page takes too long to load. It's bull. But, this blog also realizes the importance that pictures play in its life. Me and it have decided to just be more discretionary with the pictures.

Also, I am trying to stop swearing.

Basically, what I am saying is that I am committing myself to write more blogs. I need the writing practice. Don't believe me? Read this travesty that I dropped last week.


lisa said...

I wasn't going to say anything, so I'm glad you mentioned it. Yes, your blog takes way too long to load with all those pictures. I'm glad you're aware of it, because that is the first step.

B. said...

I've had my olde style Canon Elph for going on five years now. This spring I "upgraded" but now I find myself going back to the good ol' Elph.

So, good on ya for the Elph.

judy said...

no - seriously. I use George almost every day. He gets all hot and bothered but you know he likes it.

Lee said...

It keeps him clean.
If you know what I mean.
(which makes no sense -- darn near a contradiction)

Lisa - Why didn't you say anything, then? While we are pointing out faults, ever since you got that new Blackberry, every time you send a message with the word "I'm" you type "U'm".

B - Are you saying that you like your new Elph less than your old Elph or that you like your old Elph better than your new non-Elph?

lisa said...


becky said...

i appreciate it when you blog.

becky said...

and are you sure it's all the pictures? i was thinking it was whatever template you've got going on here. because i'm pretty sure that b's blog has more pictures and his loads immediately.

jaime said...

it's about d@%* time yo.

stop swearing? i'm pretty sure i've heard that from you ever since we cyber met.

good luck with all that.

Lee said...

I'm pretty sure it is the pictures. Maybe when one puts that many pictures in one post it takes longer than a similar amount posted in separtate blog posts.