Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Mexican Honeymoon, pt. 1

It´s funny how a lot of the music you hear in a massage parlor would also be perfect for that moment in an action movie where there is a montage of the protagonist ´figuring stuff out´.


nathaniel said...

what kind of massage parlor are we talking about here???

Krista said...

please tell me you got the couples massage by the beach.
Ryan and i did it on our honeymoon because it was cheap, and it was.
completely nude {sheets sloppily strategically placed}. spouses head where your feet are...legs stretched in circles..front & back rubs.
It is my most fondest memory of the whole trip.

Lee said...

The massage in question was at a place just off the street in Playa Del Carmen (just a few blocks from the beach). The two fellows talked to us a few times, and we finally decided that, at $30 each, it was a deal that they had to be taken up on. It wasn't a couples massage, but our respective massages were separated only by a sheet. If the massage wouldn't have relaxed me so much, I could have talked to Lisa had I wanted to.

We only had a regular-sized towel covering our privates. It didn't cause me too much stress, though.

The dudes were skilled and it was one of our favorite moments too.

I hope that answers both of your questions.

Missi said...


Lee said...

Miss, have you not heard how I do?

Lee said...

Copy and paste that link to find out.