Sunday, April 26, 2009

My heart is smitten and withered like grass, so that I forget to eat my bread.

Lisa is great at planning weddings.

Here's some photos from our photographer, Allison Cox.

Here's some propers from somebody. (Gratitudes to Krista for hipping me to this)

My woman is so great at a lot of things. I don't mean to make this sound like a Facebook update, but I love her and like being married to her.

(4/28) UPDATE: Here is some more propers.


lisa said...

You are so nice.

Amy and Brad said...

You guys are great. And I'm going to hire Lisa to plan my kids' weddings when the time comes. Don't worry, it won't come for a really LONG time.

jaime said...

love those pictures. very classy.

congrats again!

Lee said...

But Amy, having weddings for your kids is awesome. Did you see how much fun J and J were having?

Jaime- Thanks again.

Lisa- YOU are.

the mama monster said...

those pictures are so great. such a cute couple for reals. i also saw some wedding pictures over on a room somewheres blog.

Lee said...

Thanks, Jackie.

Krista said...

she is great at that. i wish i had an eye and creativity for stuff like this. i love those photo booth photos of you guys and your rents.

Lee said...

Thanks, Krista.
Everybody that came got their picture taken in a photobooth. It alone would have been worth the trip from California.