Sunday, October 26, 2008

If my fingers clinch too tightly, it's because I'm afraid I'll lose my grip. If I think about you nightly, it's because I'm afraid I might forget

You know how sometimes bands will do that thing where the end of one track on an album will lead into another? I think it has never been done better than this:

The Impossibles from 4 Song Brick Bomb:
1) "Disintegration (Is The Best Album, Ever)"
2) "Get It + Got It = Good"

The second best execution is the Tuesday songs "So Awake" and "Too Much of Today" from their only full-length album, Freewheelin' (one of the best albums, ever). I'll warn you, these videos have no movement and the first song is but an instrumental - but it is so good it will make you go mental (trust a guy who usually doesn't like instrumentals).

Note: maybe things have improved, but iPods make putting these songs on mixdiscs tough because they have about a second break in between tracks.


lisa said...

I sure wish my computer at work had sound capabilities, because I'd like to experience this.

Lee said...

Amen to that.

k tron said...

my first kilby court show ever was the impossibles.

Lee said...

No way. I think I was going to go to that show, but nobody would go with me, so I didn't. They broke up for good like a month later.

Their two main members started another band called Slowreader that lasted for one album that was just as good as the Impossibles.