Sunday, October 19, 2008

Judy, did you have the best year of your life?

You Know How I Do is two. For the next 24 hours, this blog will unofficially be known as You Know How I Two.

Year one
Year two

Year one: 77 blogs dropped
Year two: 67 blogs dropped(not counting this here)

Since two years in blog years is a lot, I offer you this line by Talib Kweli from the Little Brother song 'Grown Man':
"A grown ass man, I stopped dressin like a teenager."

One more thing: Three more outs and the Red Sox are gone. I can't think of a better way to celebrate this holy birthday than with their season ending.


judy said...

happy birthday YKHID!

Laurie said...

Or maybe You Know How I Deux?

Happy Bloggerversary! I hope your blog got you something nice.

Lee said...

Thanks, Jewd.

Laurie- You Know How I Deux is so much better. Good work. My blog and I are one, so it didn't get me anything and I didn't get it anything. The question is: what did everyone else get us for this special day? So far, nothing.

Readers: For the next 24 hours, this blog will be known as YOU KNOW HOW I DEUX.

Sherpa said...

Bitter-sweet, but I'm still happy about the Sox too!

Lee said...

The Sox not winning makes the Yankees not making it feel a little better. Just a tiny bit, but better nonetheless.