Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Tomorrow I will start a season five of 24 marathon in preparation for season six (that starts on Sunday). But, that isn't what this blog is going to be about. This blog will be focused solely on clearing up any misconceptions that the long blog of a week ago might have gleamed (how did I know that 'gleamed' was more than just a word I made up? Because I bought myself a new dictionary yesterday. I'm really excited about it. It will be my car/backpack dictionary; I have a home dictionary, but sometimes when I am at work or driving I think of words and I like to know the real definitions of them so I can add them to my lexicon* - hence my excitement).

Here's the format of this. I will put the content from the last blog in italics (note: I also put them in a pink/purple color because the italics weren't as noticeable as I thought they would be) and then clarify in normal type (which I put in a turquoise color, then I put the rest of the words in red to make this the most colorful blog in this blogs short history). I don't see a need to number each misconception, but at the end of the blog I will put the total count for those who are into statistics as much as I am sometimes.

Yes, the title does come from a GetUpKids song. They popped up on my iPod this morning (song: Action and Action).

This will make (supposed reader of this blog) Jefe sick to his stomach, but I am not ashamed of my like of the GetUpKids. "Something to Write Home About" was a really good album.

When that ended, we plugged in my pod (should I capitalize it or not? Jury's out), and listened to, in this order: the Hollies, Lovin' Spoonful, and the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. He then plugged in his pod and we listened to Bob Marley and Gordon Lightfoot.

This is definitely not a usual play list for me. I am neither hippy-love nor acid-rocker. The 70's were not a decade that I feel bad to have missed. I just like all of these bands. And so does my little brother. To quote what I wrote right after the above, "They were tunes we could both feel comfortable with..."

I handpicked the first song, Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight, which I bought off iTunes on Thursday and thought was the only Clapton song on my Pod but it turns out that he has a song on the Back To The Future Soundtrack that my brother has loaded on our iTunes.

This one scares me. I don't get what the deal with Eric Clapton is. This blog might as well shut down if everyone is under the impression that I love Eric Clapton. Sure, he was probably really good at the guitar, but his songs don't interest me. But this song "Wonderful Tonight" is really good. Really sappy, but it's wonderful to me. I might actually fall in love one day on account of that song. I hope nobody feels uncomfortable if I sum that song up with the word 'pretty'.

Also, the link was fixed to be a link and not just a URL. For some reason, it wasn't working that day. Now it is.

Surprisingly, there was only three misconceptions.

*=yeah, I kind of don't like this word that much either.

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no one should be ashamed of being in love with the get up kids.

no one.