Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yes, that's true, but I've been out to sea for a long time.

I won't say that I like closure, because I really don't think that I do. I will say that I like to see how things end (and I think there is a distinct difference). For instance, I like to see how TV shows end their serieses. Even if it is a show that I only saw a few times. I watched the last episode of that show I never could stand about a bunch of friends that lived across the hall. It was called "Friends" or some crap. Another time, I starting catching the last four episodes of that Dawson's Creek show because I had seen parts of maybe five episodes and I wanted to see how they wrapped it up. I was so ashamed with myself until it turned out that I had something else I could choose to do on the night of the last episode and I chose it. I've never been more happy to say to myself, "All that effort for nothing."

With that, I will end the story of my brother going on his mission. The readers of this blog haven't come out and asked for the ending, but I'm sure they would if there were means whereby to do so.

On Tuesday night, I caught the last 15 minutes of an episode of The Office with Mike. I asked him why it was on a Tuesday, and he said, "I don't know. But I'm glad." He was in his suit and tie. We laughed. Then we started watching an episode of Dateline or something about the murder of this dude and they were trying to figure out if his ex-wife or his ex-wife's sister did it. I never did find out the answer because folks came over to our house to set Michael apart. To say I didn't care would be a lie. To say I cared a lot would likewise be a lie.

It was during this setting apart that I realized that Michael doesn't cry. My mom was crying and the old man could hardly talk, but when I looked over at Mike while they were talking he just had a straight face with about 1/8th of a smile that kind of said, "Mom and dad are weird." I got my crying done here too.

The next day was more of the same. I kept looking over at Mike to see a tear, but I don't think much came out. Maybe a little bit. When I hugged him goodbye, he said, "Thanks for everything." I'm usually not this corny, but I can't think of a better thing for him to have said to me.

I apologize that that ending wasn't a step by step detail (by the way, want to know who owes me an apology? the kid sitting behind me here at the library. he is watching a movie and keeps laughing out loud [LOL]), but the corniness wasn't sitting well in my stomache. I will say this though, I see the Cliffords kids in the strangest places. Add the MTC to the list of those places. I sat down and a kid a few rows ahead of me was looking back at me and I swore the face had a familiar look to it, and a few minutes later I figured out that it was one of them. Then I saw Emily (The Cliff) at a Sundance movie this weekend. I reckon that isn't as strange of a place to see one of them, but it is a great way to announce that I did some time at Sundance. Here's my story:

Me and Lisa (my No Doy bandmate), started talking about it in early January/late Decemberish and we renamed it "Mostfuninmylifedance". I programmed that word in my phone and everything. We both committed to making the most of this year's dance and she more than followed through on that committment. I had a lot of crap to distract me (family, 24) and had a less than stellar showing, but on Thursday (25 January) I decided to skip class to go up to Park City and see a movie called On the Road With Judas. How was it? I couldn't tell you. I was late and missed it. Mostfuninmylifedance doesn't take kindly to people like me who are late to everything. Lisa Propane said it was pretty bad, though.

So, I found a parking spot, got on the wrong bus a few times, and finally made my way to Main Street. I was hoping to see some celebrities. Not because I wanted to see celebrities (besides Jeff Rosso, I couldn't care less), but because I wanted to see other people see celebrities. I wanted to see camera phones being used to take pictures that were made for myspace. Okay, I also hoped I would see Parker Posey and that should would buy me lunch and make love moves on me. To summarize, I didn't see anybody and I was left with my sack lunch.

I headed back to the Eccles theater to meet up with Lisa so that we could see this movie she had free tickets to called Starting Out In The Evening. Before the movie started, we saw Rebecca, who was volunteering, and the following scene happened:

I know she was just doing her job, but she sure does run a tight ship.

The film wasn't great and was boring a few times, but it produced a few good jokes from Lisa and her friend Rebecca (not that Rebecca). The director was introduced before the viewing of the movie and during his speech he starting crying and one of them said, "Is this testimony meeting?" After the movie, he was talking again and started thanking a lot of people and making a lot of them come up on stage. One of them said, "Does he think he's getting an Oscar or something?" There were some interesting parts of the movie, but what interested me most was to find out via imdb.com that the female lead was the red-headed girl on Can't Hardly Wait - the one Seth Green jives into hooking up with him. She's all grown up now and looks kind of creepy (Lisa said it's her teeth, I say it is her eyes).
I'll finish this later.
Before I go, I'll let you know about this: Hooner kind of dedicated a song to me on her blog today. I'm pretending she dedicated it to me. Hey, she kind of did.


nathaniel said...

yeah, getting a song dedicated to you is ok...but remember how someone else dedicated a whole day of the week to you?

Hoon said...

Lee the Douche Friday?

I totally did dedicate that song to you. Consider it a thank you for your loyal listenership

sugarcube said...

So true, Nathaniel. So true.

Thanks, Hoon. Remember that movie we saw "In The Shadow Of the Moon"? I consider myself to be in the shadow of the Hoon.