Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Give me something to chew on," she said.

Instead of having news writing class two days ago, the teacher told us to go somewhere for 30 minutes and write what we see. My friend Lewinski helped me scout and find a spot in the Marriott Library.

Instead of writing descriptive thoughts about the weather or the clothes people were wearing (or even what sort of stupid deep thoughts they are thinking), I just decided to write what came to my brain based on what I was seeing. It was one of the fastest 30 minutes I have ever had at school. They call this freewriting:

I think the biggest topic of interest will be which pen I use the majority of the time. The problem I have with this pen is it makes me misspell so many words. I always leave out one letter of a word.

Fellow next to me is having a phone conversation with someone whose reception keeps cutting out. Apparently, he is going bowling tonight on State Street. I know the place. One of my friends goes there every Tuesday night because it is Dollar Bowling Night. He invites me almost every week, but I have never gone. The catch is, you have to pay for three games and shoes, which means you pay a minimum of $4. Still a good deal, but I despise that there is a catch.

Some dude in a scarf and a dorky hat just walked by. I hate dorky hats.

There are two girls at a table about 20 feet away. I wish I could get closer and listen to their conversation. I can tell it is a good one.

The two girls to my left have both gotten up and left at different times within the last minute. Their seats were just taken by a girl and her boy toy.

Most people are reading newspapers, but a couple are studying. I am going to stare at one of the study folk.

She is copying something from a textbook into her notebook. A boy and a girl are right above her having a conversation that has been on-going for since long before I got here. Yes, I scouted this location before choosing it. Study girl is still studiously writing in her notebook. I can tell her attention span is pretty good. I have no attention span. She is now looking around, scanning the room. She did it again as she turned the page of her notebook. She just got up and left. Maybe I shouldn’t stare.

A dork with curly hair is talking on speaker phone. Cool, dude, you’re important.

A pretty girl just came and started talking loudly to the kid seated two to my right. The pretty girl just said, “So, come here often?” It sounded like a pickup line. The pretty girl and the kid just said goodbye to each other and she went over where study girl was sitting to talk to the girl who took her chair after she left. I would call her ‘Study Girl #2,” but she isn’t studying. She is just eating pretzels and drinking PowerAde.

It needs to be noted that the two girls whose conversation I wanted to hear left about five minutes ago.

People to my left keep leaving.

A girl just dropped her coat and I caught it with my foot. She didn’t thank me, but she didn’t really have to because it just fell on my foot.

I’m glad my 30 minutes are done because three annoying folks just sat by me.
[Note: I used the same pen the entire time. Hopefully Lance Armstong didn't use the same needle every time he took steroids.]

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