Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday night television will never be the same for me.

In a conversation with my friend The President yesterday, I asked if I could come over to her house and watchthe season finale of Project Runway. I told her that I was kind of excited about it and that I was disappointed that the USA Today didn't mention much about it.
The President said, "Good! You're getting into it!"
And I thought to myself, "Crap. I might be."

We continued talking and I said, "I'll probably come over earlier, because it is kind of weird to leave my house at 10:00 pm to drive to Salt Lake to watch a show about fashion." As soon as I said it, I realized that yes, I am into it. Just like Lance Armstrong is into steriods.

I spent the next few hours wondering why. I drank Project Runway Haterade at first and I still am not interested in fashion (except when The President put on a coat that made it look like she was nude underneath. That was pretty). Maybe the main reason I like it because it was a reason to hang out with good people on a Wednesday night.

Anyway, you can buy one of these at the site linked in the title of this blog:

Is it strange that the same person who made this (look to the left) won? Michael was cool throughout the show, but the last three or four things he made (that I saw, at least) were pretty bad. He was a weak finisher. Laura is a ho and I am really glad that she lost. From the first episode I watched, she was my least favorite contestant on the show. Uli did the opposite of Michael and finished strong after subpar start. She also turned out to be one of the coolest contestants.

I just did a summary of Project Runway. Hmm.

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